PeakSmart air-conditioning

PeakSmart Industry Incentive Program

To recognise your support of the PeakSmart program, we're offering an incentive for each DCR Signal Receiver installed in eligible air-conditioners.

How does PeakSmart work?

Watch our short video about the PeakSmart program, read about PeakSmart air-conditioning technology, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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PeakSmart signal receivers

PeakSmart enabled air-conditioners communicate with the network via a signal receiver. This can be supplied by the retailer with certain models of air-conditioner, or requested direct from us.

A maximum of 20 signal receivers may be ordered at a time. Before ordering, please check whether your customer already has a signal receiver.

Please allow 5 business days for delivery.

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PeakSmart Industry Incentive

To recognise your support of the PeakSmart program, we're offering an incentive for the following PeakSmart air-conditioners sold.

Cooling Capacity PeakSmart Industry Incentive
4kW or less than 10kW $50
10kW or more $50

To be eligible to receive a reward for each DCR Signal Receiver installed you need to complete the registration (link below) and also complete an Industry Submission Form, located at the bottom of Customer Self Service.

Register for our incentive program here!


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In-store materials

To assist us with educating customers about PeakSmart air-conditioning and how it helps reduce peak demand, we have a range of promotional materials available for you to display in your store.

Email to request materials for your store or click on the links in the table below to download and print them yourself.

Document name Published
PeakSmart flyer $200 340.9 KB 27 Jun 2018
PeakSmart flyer $400 321.8 KB 27 Jun 2018
PeakSmart poster $200 139.8 KB 27 Jun 2018
PeakSmart poster $400 109.3 KB 27 Jun 2018
PeakSmart tear-off pad $200 308.8 KB 27 Jun 2018
PeakSmart tear-off pad $400 290.1 KB 27 Jun 2018

Installation instructions

Installing the signal receiver is generally consistent across all PeakSmart models. General installation instructions can be followed for the majority of PeakSmart models.For brand-specific information, contact the manufacturer hotline or download the relevant installation guide.

Installation instructionsContact details
Actron Air1800 119 229
Daikin1300 362 438
Daikin (ducted)1300 362 438
Fujitsu1300 882 201
Fujitsu (R32 refrigerant models)1300 882 201
Hitachi1800 211 800
Kelvinator1300 363 640
LG1300 542 273
Samsung Electronics1300 887 660
Midea1300 726 002
Mitsubishi Electric1300 651 808
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries1300 138 007
Panasonic1300 304 545
Westinghouse1300 363 640

If you have any questions or issues when installing the PeakSmart signal receiver that isn't listed in the above installation instructions, please call our  technical expert on 0418 212 140 (Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm) or email

Terms and conditions

Read the PeakSmart Industry Incentive Terms and Conditions (PDF 480.3 kb) for more information.