Demand Side Engagement

Demand Side Engagement Facility

Energex maintains a facility to allow parties to register their interest in being notified of developments relating to distribution network planning and expansion projects.

If you would like to join this facility please complete our online form.

Demand Side Engagement Strategy

Energex’s Demand Side Engagement Strategy outlines how Energex engages with non-network providers and considers non-network options in accordance with Clauses 5.13.1 (e), (g) and (h) of the National Electricity Rules.

Demand Side Engagement Strategy outlines key information to assist non-network providers in providing submissions for credible non-network solutions as alternatives to network investment.

Non-network service providers

If you are a non-network service provider the process to consult with Energex on non-network opportunities in response to issued Non-network Options Reports is provided below:

Other Energex non-network opportunities for large customers

Visit our Positive Payback Business program for targeted demand management initiatives operating in areas where significant network capital investment is expected within five to ten years.

Residential offers

Visit our residential demand management programs that provide customers with incentives on a range of appliances such as air-conditioners, hot water systems and pool pumps.

Contact us

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For more detailed information please refer to Energex's Demand Side Engagement Strategy.