Energy concessions

Are you receiving all the energy concessions you’re eligible for? There are a range of concessions made available by the Queensland Government to help reduce cost of living pressures for Queenslanders.

The Queensland Government $175 Cost of Living Rebate is being credited to your residential electricity account by your energy retailer. You should see this on your electricity bill from 31 August 2022.

To see a full list of concessions available, eligibility rules, and how to apply, visit the Queensland Government Concessions webpage.

Popular electricity concessions

Visit Energy concessions to see the concessions for electricity. Once set up, most of the concessions are applied to your electricity account every year. We’ve listed the most popular electricity concessions below.

Electricity rebate for pensioners and seniors

Queensland pensioners and seniors may be eligible for the Electricity Rebate.

Cost of Living Rebate for households

Households will receive a $175 Cost of Living Rebate in 2022. The rebate will be automatically credited and appear on residential customer bills from end August.

Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme

One-off emergency assistance is available for Queensland households experiencing problems paying their electricity or reticulated natural gas bills as a result of an unforeseen emergency or a short-term financial crisis that has occurred within the past 12 months.

Electricity life support concession

Life support concessions for eligible people who are seriously ill and use a home-based oxygen concentrator or kidney dialysis machine are available. This concession is to contribute to the electricity cost of running these machines.

Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme

The Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme helps with electricity costs for people who have a chronic medical condition, such as multiple sclerosis, autonomic system dysfunction, significant burns or a severe inflammatory skin condition, which is aggravated by changes in temperature.

Drought Relief from Electricity Charges Scheme (DRECS)

The Drought Relief from Electricity Charges Scheme (DRECS) provides relief from supply charges on electricity accounts that are used to pump water for farm or irrigation purposes.