Managing electricity demand

Keeping Queensland’s electricity network reliable and sustainable is a balancing act. Excessive demand on the electricity network impacts efficiency, reliability and costs.  On the other hand, the increasing uptake of solar PV can cause incidents of energy oversupply.

Energex works with industry and Queensland communities to ensure a stable electricity supply. Smart management of the network means fewer power outages, less need for new infrastructure and, ultimately, lower electricity bills.

Visit our Cashback Rewards Program pages to learn how households and businesses can attract real rewards for helping us to manage peak demand.

Read on to learn more about our demand management projects and ways you can save energy during peak times.

If you are a non-network provider, or other interested party, visit our Demand Side Engagement page to register your interest in demand management projects.

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Demand Side Engagement

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Peak Demand

Learn more about peak demand and why we should all get on board to help reduce it.

Save energy during peak times

Small things can make a difference. Helpful hints to reduce energy use in your home.

Demand management plan & initiatives

Energex has led the way in demand management programs since 2008. Learn more about our achievements and plans for the future here.

Demand management innovation allowance

This allowance is annual funding that we receive through our Regulatory Determination. We use it for projects to find improved ways to manage our network.