Demand management innovation allowance

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) provides funding to us through the Demand Management Innovation Allowance (DMIA) scheme. With this funding we are able to implement innovative research and development projects with a focus on demand management, that if successful, help to reduce long term network costs.

Several case studies highlighting how funding from DMIA has been utilised are listed below.

Partnering with us

We can partner with external parties to utilise the DMIA funding. Some of the types of organisations that may be interested in partnering with us are technology developers / providers, universities and research bodies, industry bodies, property developers, energy generators, retailers or other energy network operators.

All projects must meet the funding criteria as defined by the Australian Energy Regulator as being:

  1. A project or program for researching, developing or implementing demand management capability or capacity, and
  2. Innovative, in that the project or program:
    1. is based on new or original concepts, or
    2. involves technology or techniques that differ from those previously implemented or used in the relevant market, or
    3. is focused on customers in a market segment that significantly differs, from those previously targeted by implementations of the relevant technology, in relevant geographic or demographic characteristics that are likely to affect demand, and
  3. Has the potential, if proved viable, to reduce long term network costs.

You’ll need a project sponsor within our business. Projects that align with our Future Grid Roadmap are encouraged.

If you are working on a research or development project with a focus on demand management, and would like to explore partnering with us and accessing the DMIA funding, please email or call 0467 774 409.

Case studies

To help share the findings and outcomes of DMIA projects, we prepare short case studies, which also include contact details for more information.  Below is a selection of some recently completed case studies.