The Reward Based Tariffs Trial

Reward Based Tariffs Trial

Energex and Ergon Energy conducted the most comprehensive tariff trial in Queensland. Commencing in January 2011 and running for 27 months, around 3,700 households in three different climate zones volunteered to be involved in the Reward Based Tariffs (RBT) trial.

This trial was designed to determine whether Queensland residential customers were willing and able to respond to time varying tariffs to reduce electricity demand at peak times. We are committed to a comprehensive demand management strategy, including offering incentives for adopting economy tariffs and rewards to homes and businesses for using smarter energy technologies.

Overall, participants in the trial reduced their usage during peak periods by an average of 19% on  PeakSmart event days. With a growing understanding of the benefits of managing peak demand, participants commonly shifted consumption to after 8pm (outside the peak), even on non-event days.  The encouraging results have informed our ongoing programs in this area

Summary report

Read the ten page Summary Report to get an overview of the trial and its findings.

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