Demand Side Engagement

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Our Demand Side Engagement Register is a list of stakeholders interested in staying up to date about distribution network planning and expansion projects.

It’s our way of keeping you informed about how we’re investing in the network, and how you can get involved in future non-network initiatives.

Those companies or individuals who register will receive periodic communications about our research and projects, including notification of forthcoming RITD consultation opportunities.

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Demand Side Engagement Strategy

We have a legislative requirement to allow customers to register their interest in being notified of developments relating to our demand management projects. To us, it’s more than just a requirement: it’s a responsibility we take seriously to ensure we are transparent in our dealings with customers, including non-network providers.

We engage with non-network providers to consider non-network solutions as alternatives to network investment. These demand side management initiatives contribute to lowering peak demand, as well as power storage projects. This helps us to reduce infrastructure costs for the longer term benefit of all stakeholders who access the network.

Read our Demand Side Engagement Strategy (PDF 3.0 mb) to learn more.

Are you a non-network service provider?

In accordance with the National Electricity Rules, we have developed an effective submission and consultation process to assist non-network providers to get involved in potential demand management opportunities.

If you're registered with our Demand Side Engagement Register, you'll receive periodic Non-Network Options Reports.

Other Energex non-network opportunities for large customers

Visit our Cashback Rewards webpage for targeted demand management initiatives that benefit the network as well as lowering costs for eligible businesses. These programs operate in areas where significant network capital investment is expected within five to ten years. Get involved and be part of the solution now.

Residential offers

Visit our Cashback Rewards webpage that provides residential customers with incentives on a range of appliances such as air-conditioners, hot water systems and pool pumps.

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