Positive Payback Program

Positive Payback is our way of rewarding homes and businesses that help us manage peak electricity demand. Less demand means less infrastructure like poles and wires – which in turn keeps the costs down and provides savings for you.

Positive Payback for households

Opportunities on offer to help make your household energy efficient. Read more about our incentives to increase energy efficiency and reduce network investment.

Positive Payback for business

Whether you are a small, large or commercial business in South East Queensland, we can help fund your energy efficient projects. Find out more.

Positive Payback for builders and developers

Are you looking for the best way to tie energy efficiency and rewards to your new builds or developments? Read about the incentives we're offering towards your next project.

Industry information

Our collaborative partnerships with  retailers and tradespeople help us to implement energy efficient programs across the state. The industry hub provides our partners with essential program information.

The story so far

We've had some great achievements since our demand management programs started in 2008. Learn more about these and how we'll continue to grow our programs in our 2016/17 Demand Management Plan.