Hot water

Hot Water Rewards

Help your customers and your own business by switching household hot water systems to economy (off peak) tariffs. Customers can claim $200 and take advantage of lower electricity pricing while still enjoying the comforts of hot water at home.

Joint Advertising

Help us inform customers about this great offer and how they can help reduce peak demand. Include our Positive Payback logo in your advertising. Completed a Positive Payback logo licence agreement and once approved we will email the logo for your immediate use.

We also have a brochure available to help promote this:

Did you know?

  • Hot water costs can account for around 27 per cent of energy used in an average household.
  • Over 60% of South East Queensland homes (that's at least 770,000 homes) already connect to economy tariffs for at least one household appliance, mostly hot water systems.