Pool Rewards

Pool pumps are among the most energy-hungry appliances a home can have. Set up your customer's pool so they can take advantage of ongoing savings.

Offers available to your customers:

  • Connect a pool pump to Economy Tariff 31 or 33 and get a $200 reward

Pools and Economy (Off Peak)Tariffs

Economy tariff 33 is ideal for pools as they don't need to run during peak times. By connecting to Economy tariff 33 customers are rewarded with discounts on their pool electricity use and $200 from Energex.

Learn more with our Pools & Economy Tariff 33 FAQs.

Pool Savings Guide

To assist with informing customers about this offer and how they can assist with reducing peak demand, we will soon have a pool savings brochure available to display in store.

To receive more brochures, please email positivepayback@energex.com.au