PeakSmart air-conditioning for builders and developers

If you are a builder or developer and you have a project where you will be including air-conditioners, then you may be eligible for a PeakSmart reward. There is no limit to the number of claims you can apply for!

The more air-conditioners installed the higher your reward!

Reward $100 $200 $400
Cooling Capacity Less than 4kW 4kW or less than 10kW 10kW or more

About PeakSmart

  • PeakSmart air-conditioning helps reduce peak demand without affecting the performance of the air-conditioner.
  • It operates in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4755 and is similar to running an air-conditioner in economy mode.
  • The energy consumption is capped for short periods on a few days of the year when the network experiences high demand. This means the air-conditioner may take longer to reach the selected temperature.
  • The technology is designed to be set and forget so your client will not notice a difference to their comfort.

Signal receivers are provided free of charge to your air-conditioning installer or we can arrange to send them directly to you.

Our PeakSmart air-conditioning program has been running since 2013, working together with 20 manufacturers with over 800 eligible models on offer. You can check our current list of eligible brands and models or ask your air-conditioning installer if your chosen models are PeakSmart compatible.

Apply for your reward

To claim your PeakSmart air-conditioner rewards, you will need the following documents in electric form:

  • Your bank account details (BSB and Account Number). We pay all rewards by EFT.
  • Proof of purchase of the air-conditioners, this can be a bulk purchase order, receipt, procurement invoice etc.
  • Proof of installation of the air-conditioners from your electrician (please speak to us regarding the specifics).
  • Tax invoice for the total amount claimed from your business to Energex. NB. the rewards are inclusive of GST, for example if you are claiming $10,000 then the invoice would be for $9090.91 + $909.09 GST.

Please contact us to discuss the various ways we can assist you in applying for your reward, we offer full training and support

Terms and conditions

Read the PeakSmart Terms and Conditions for more information