Business energy efficiencies

You may be able to claim up to $185/kW for energy efficiencies achieved by permanently reducing the amount of demand your business generates in peak periods. This could add up to thousands of dollars in rewards!

Listed below are just a few examples of projects where we may pay a reward for an upgrade, replacement, retrofit or installation of new equipment.

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Energy efficiency projects can include:

Technology Option
Building Management Systems (BMS) and Demand Management Systems (DMS) These can control and monitor all your electricity using appliances and equipment to ensure optimised efficiency
Hot Water and Steam Check the current efficiency of these systems and see if there is any new technology to improve
HVAC Upgrade or replace your equipment to ensure maximum efficiency
Refrigeration Replace old units and upgrade or retrofit seals, doors, compressors and compressor management equipment
Lifts and Elevators Implement smarter control systems
Lighting Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)
Motors Program to run at varying times, replace inefficient ones with lower maximum demand ones
Packaged Air-conditioning If you are not able to install HVAC you can look into packaged air-conditioning or see if you qualify for a PeakSmart Air-conditioning reward
Other We are dedicated to providing funding to businesses that aim to lower onsite peak electricity demand so contact us to discuss all options. We are always looking to reward business for innovative approaches to solving and reducing peak demand issues.

How to apply

Go to our Business rewards page to find out if you are eligible for a reward on your energy efficiency project.