Business rewards

You may be able to claim up to $185/kW for energy efficiencies and up to $41/kVAr for power factor correction just by managing your peak demand; for many businesses this can add up to thousands of dollars.

This can also reduce your electricity bill and reduce the demand placed on our electricity network. This is why the Positive Payback Business program will reward eligible businesses that are able to show a reduction in their peak demand electricity usage.

Check Eligibility

To be eligible for a reward a business must:

  • be in an eligible area, if your business is not but you are upgrading or installing air-conditioning see if you are eligible for a PeakSmart reward.
  • start an application before work commences and be submitted by a company employee.
  • For power factor correction rewards only: have a type 4 meter installed.

Claim your reward

Reward applications are made in three parts with part one to be started before work commences.

Contact us

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Supplier Register

There are many companies that can provide technology, equipment and advice working towards the goal of reducing your energy demand and/or consumption.

Below is a list of companies who have advised us¹ they are able to assist you to optimise your energy needs.

Terms and Conditions

Read the Positive Payback Business Terms and Conditions for more information.

  1. Please note the supplier register is for information purposes only and Energex do not endorse these suppliers. You can use any supplier or product that meets the program terms and conditions.