Power Factor Correction

Power factor is the measure of how effective incoming power is being used at a site; it is expressed as a numerical value between zero and one. The closer a power factor is to one, the more efficiently a business is consuming electricity. A power factor between 0.95 and one is more cost effective. Learn more about Power Factor.

A poor power factor can negatively impact electricity bills.

Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment

Power factor can be improved by installing PFC equipment called Capacitor Banks. Capacitor Banks work to correct energy supply inefficiencies, while also reducing peak demand on the electricity network.

We offer businesses the opportunity to receive funding to assist with the installation of PFC equipment. Check below if you're eligible!

Are you eligible?

To be eligible to apply for Energex funding you will need to answer YES to the below questions.

  • Is your business located in an eligible suburb? Check our list of eligible suburbs.
  • Does your business have an Australian Business Number (ABN)?
  • Is your business on a demand based tariff (tariff 1000, 4000, 4500, 8000, 8100, 8300)? Contact your electricity retailer to find out what network tariff you are on.
  • Application to be submitted by the customer whose site the equipment is being installed on, not by the supplier or installer on behalf of the customer.

Apply for a reward

If you have answered YES to the above eligibility questions, follow the below steps and apply for a reward.

Part 1 - Apply for a reward

If you have answered YES to the above eligibility questions, you can submit an application to apply for an Energex reward.

Applications must be submitted prior to completing the project.

Ensure you have the following information on hand:

  • The National Metering Identifier (NMI) for your business (see electricity bill)
  • Details of the lighting project you plan to undertake

Login and apply now

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First time user? Refer to our Registration Guide and User Guide Part 1 - Apply for a reward for assistance

All reward amounts are disclosed to the customer only. Please ensure the application form contains the customer details, not the supplier or installer.

Part 2 - Complete the reward application

Need help with your application? Refer to our User Guide Part 2 - Reward Application.

Energex has the right to audit any project before the reward payment is made.

Part 3 - Submit bank details

Once you have been advised your application is successful, you will be directed to login to the customer portal to submit bank details for reward payment.

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Need help submitting bank details? Refer to our User Guide Part 3 - Submit Bank Details.

kVA based demand charges

On 1 July 2015, Energex is changing how network tariffs for some large business customers are calculated to ensure the cost of providing electricity network is more fairly distributed. Large business customers with annual consumption greater than 100MWh but less than 4GWh will be impacted by the changes.

PFC Installers

There are numerous suppliers offering this service in South East Queensland and interstate. Energex has advertised widely for Power Factor Suppliers to be included in our register of suppliers. This register is provided for information purposes only and lists suppliers who advised they can supply and/or install PFC equipment. Energex does not endorse these suppliers.

Document name Last updated
Power Factor Correction Commissioning Report 108.0 KB 11 Oct 2016
Power Factor Correction Supplier Register 1012.5 KB 17 Nov 2016

Terms and conditions

Read the Positive Payback for Business - Terms and Conditions for more information.