Positive Payback for households

Rewards for households that manage their energy usage across power-hungry appliances by connecting to economy tariffs or using energy-saving technologies. Apply now for PeakSmart air-conditioning, pool or hot water reward.

Claim your reward

Do you have everything ready to make your claim? Login to our Customer Portal and apply for your reward today!

Air-conditioning rewards

Earn up to $400 just by installing a PeakSmart air-conditioner.

Hot water rewards

Earn a $200 reward simply by connecting your hot water system to an economy tariff.

Pool rewards

Connect to an economy tariff and receive a $200 reward.

Our previous programs

Energex has been committed to reducing peak demand since 2008. Some of our previous initiatives include: Cool change, Energy Conservation Communities (ECC), Holiday Apartment Program. Learn more about them here.