Our previous programs

We have been developing initiatives to reduce peak demand since 2007.

Over 40,000 households across South East Queensland have participated in one or more of our initiatives and helped reduce peak demand.

Below is a list of our previous household programs.

Cool Change

Program enrolment: 2007 to 2009

About the program

The Cool Change - Energy Smart Suburbs Peak Demand Trial was Energex’s first demand management initiative, starting in 2007. Energy management devices were fitted to approximately 3,000 trial participants' air-conditioners and pool pumps as part of a four year trial.

On the hottest summer days between 4-8pm, the energy consumption was capped on these appliances to help reduce demand on the network.  This involved the air-conditioner’s compressor being switched off for seven-ten minutes every half hour while the air-conditioner’s fan continues to operate as normal. Pool pumps were sent a remote signal to switch off their pump operations for three to four hours.

About the participants

Participants from Brisbane’s north side suburbs of Albany Creek, Bridgeman Downs, McDowall, Everton Hills, Everton Park, Arana Hills, Ferny Hills, Ferny Grove and Bunya, received cash rebates at the end of each summer for their participation on the trial.

Participants on the Cool Change Trial transitioned to the Energy Conservation Communities (ECC) program in 2012.

The results

Overall, participants had a good experience on the trial, with many feeling as though they made a positive contribution to the environment and made an effort to save electricity.

  • 64% of participants were more conscious of using electricity during peak periods
  • 66% of participants now think about how they use their energy at home
  • 94% did not notice a difference to their comfort levels when their air-conditioner was cycled
  • Air-conditioner and pool load control devices could help reduce peak demand on the electricity network when activated without causing inconvenience or affecting customer’s comfort.

If you have purchased a house with air-conditioning in Brisbane’s north side post 2008, you may be a part of the Cool Change program. Email our team at positivepayback@energex.com.au for more information.

Energy Conservation Communities (ECC)

Program enrolment: 2010 to 2013

About the program

The Energy Conservation Communities (ECC) initiative launched in March 2010 to build on the achievements of the Cool Change Trial.
ECC was an initiative developed between Energex and the Queensland Government, in partnership with selected local councils in South East Queensland to address the issue of peak demand.

Households in selected areas were invited to install energy management devices on their air-conditioner(s) and pools in return for incentives.  The technology used was similar to that used in the Cool Change Trial.

Enrolments to the ECC program ceased in early 2013 but the technology is still activated in participating homes during peak demand periods.

About the participants

Residents in Redlands, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast council areas participated in the program and received the below incentives for their contribution to the program:

  • $50 EFTPOS gift card
  • Air-conditioner clean and check
  • A standby energy saving power board
  • CSIRO Energy Saving Handbook

The results

  • Over 11,000 households installed energy management devices on their air-conditioners and pools
  • The biggest air-conditioner load control program in Australia to date

If you are a customer participating in the ECC program and require further information please email our team at positivepayback@energex.com.au or call 13 12 53.

Holiday Apartment Program

Program enrolment: 2012/2013

About the Program

In 2012/13, Energex partnered with Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast holiday apartment managers to help reduce air-conditioning demand in holiday apartments.

Holiday apartment owners and complex managers were rewarded for allowing Energex to install energy management devices on air-conditioners in their holiday apartments.

Owners and complex managers received incentives for participating in the program for helping reduce peak demand in their local area.

About the participants

Complex managers were offered an incentive to encourage owners of the holiday apartments to participate. Following the successful installation of an energy management device, the owner of the holiday apartments was provided with:

  • $250 EFTPOS gift card

The results

Over 900 individual holiday units joined the Holiday Apartment Program.

Rewards Based Tariffs Trial

Program duration: 2011 to 2013

About the program

Energex and Ergon Energy conducted the most comprehensive tariff trial in Queensland. Commencing in January 2011 and running for 27 months, around 3,700 households in three different climate zones volunteered to be involved in the Reward Based Tariff (RBT) trial.

This trial was specifically designed to determine whether Queensland residential customers were willing and able to respond to time varying tariffs to reduce electricity demand at peak times.

The results

Read the ten page Summary Report to get an overview of the trial and its findings.

If you are after more information on the RBT Trial, email our team at positivepayback@energex.com.au

Contact us

If you have any enquiries regarding any of our previous household initiatives, please contact our team at positivepayback@energex.com.au or call 13 12 53.