The story so far

Energex continues to be widely regarded as leading the way in Australia to help manage peak electricity demand. Peak demand occurs when as a community our electricity consumption is at its highest. This usually happens daily from 4-8pm when energy-hungry appliances like air-conditioners and pool pumps are switched on at the same time as other everyday appliances. We also see peak demand on the network on days of extreme temperatures.

The Positive Payback program was developed in 2008 to address the trend towards a summer peak demand through a range of trials and programs. This program is about reducing the cost to build and maintain network that is only used on a few days of high electricity demand.

Since we initiated the Positive Payback program, the following has been achieved:

  • over 27,000 air-conditioners connected to the program.
  • over 10,000 energy efficient pool pumps purchased & installed.
  • over 60% of homes in South East Queensland connected to an economy tariff.
  • 1100 new customers are enrolling monthly.
  • AS4755 – that will make all new air-conditioners sold in Australia demand capable.

Demand Management Plan 2017/18

We will continue to grow our programs to ensure we have a full range of solutions available to reduce forward growth in demand and improve overall utilisation of network assets.

Download a copy of our 2017/18 Demand Management Plan.

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