Save money & electricity

Do you want more control over your power usage to make sure your energy bill is as low as possible? We can show you how simple it is to save energy at home.

With handy checklists and calculators that are easy to use, you can start saving today.


What used to be considered a luxury item is now a common feature in most households.  Here are some easy ways you can save energy and keep comfortable all year round.

Economy tariffs

Connecting appliances like pool pumps or hot water systems to an economy tariff is a great way to save money. You can get a significant discount for appliances that don't need to be on all day.

Electrical appliances

Do you know if your appliances are energy efficient? Buying energy-efficient appliances can save you money in the long run and benefit the environment.

Hot water

Saving money and energy on your hot water system doesn’t have to mean cold showers. Here are some handy hints on how you can still enjoy your hot water without blowing the budget.


The benefits of energy efficient lighting is important for your household budget. By making more efficient choices you can reduce your lighting energy costs by more than 80%.


If you already have a pool or plan to have one built, find out how to reduce your running costs to save energy and money and still enjoy the benefits.