Pools can be one of the most energy hungry appliances in a home. There are many ways you can reduce your pool running costs.

Connect to Economy Tariff

Economy Tariff 33 provides electricity for up to 18 hours a day (outside peak times) at a discounted rate, and is cheaper than the General usage tariff.  Economy tariff 33 is designed to reward pool owners for using electricity outside daily peak demand times (around 4pm-8pm).

Although they are not suitable for all electrical appliances, Economy tariff 33 is ideal for devices that don't need to run during peak times – like pools.

Take advantage of our pool rewards program. If you connect your pool to Economy Tariff 33 by 30 June 2017, you can claim a $200 reward!

Swap to Energy Efficient Pumps

Energy efficient pumps allow you to save more but can still operate standard pool backwashing and cleaning equipment. You can save up to 80%* on your pool costs by upgrading to a 5-Star or better rated pump. Talk to your local pool professional about selecting the right pump for your pool.

Pool Heating

Heating your pool can use a lot of energy but you can save electricity and money by:

  • installing energy efficient heating such as a solar heater or high efficient heat pump.
  • connecting your pool heating system (if electric) to a lower rate, Economy tariff.
  • using a pool cover to reduce evaporation, chemical costs and cleaning time.
  • maintaining the water temperature.
  • reducing your pool pumping times.
  • switching to a more energy efficient pool pump.

Work out your current pool pump running costs and potential savings.