Battery energy storage

Battery storage can be a great way to get the most out of your new or existing rooftop solar power system.

Different battery energy storage systems (BESS) suit different needs, so it’s important to do your research and seek advice on what’s best for you.

Is battery storage right for me?

Battery storage is becoming a more affordable and popular option for households. Find out what you need to know to decide if battery storage is for you.

Batteries revealed

Heard about battery storage but not sure on the details? We answer your questions here.

Talk to the experts

Considering battery energy storage? Get expert advice and find a suitably qualified system installer.

Battery storage connections

Before your system is installed, you will need pre-approval from Energex to connect to the grid. Find out how.

The installation process

Once you’ve decided to get a BESS, you’ll need to have your system installed. Here’s what’s involved.

Safety first

Battery storage is perfectly safe if installed to the relevant Australian Standards and guidelines, then used and maintained properly. Read more about the risks and what to be aware of.

Maintaining and enjoying your system

Once your BESS is installed you can sit back and enjoy the benefits – with some basic maintenance and monitoring.

Our trials

We're exploring the effects of battery storage systems on peak demand and power quality.