Battery energy storage

As home energy storage comes of age, make sure you know what battery energy storage system will work best for you.

To help start the decision-making process, we've brought together some handy references and information from the Department of Energy and Water Supply. We recommend you visit their website for more in-depth knowledge on battery energy storage.

Benefits of battery storage

There are many benefits of battery storage systems, read more here.

Types of batteries

Understand the types of battery storage systems available on today's market.

Cost considerations

Get all the facts and figures behind battery storage systems.

Are they safe?

A checklist for the safe installation and maintenance of battery storage.

How to find an installer

Our recommendation to help you find a reputable installer.

Battery storage connections

Before installing your battery system, you need to let us know. Read more.

Our trials

We're exploring the effects of battery storage systems on peak demand and power quality.