Our trials

South East Queensland has one of the highest penetrations of solar PV systems in the world. This looks set to increase as more and more customers embrace renewable energy alternatives for their homes and businesses.

Given its high solar PV penetration, Queensland has been earmarked as one of the primary target markets by key players in the Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) market.

As the uptake of BESS increases, our systems and processes will evolve to efficiently integrate these new customer technologies into the network.

We conducted BESS trials at a number of our facilities to explore the effects of BESS on peak demand and power quality. This is part of our commitment to integrate renewable energy into South East Queensland’s network and to provide our customers more choice and control over their energy use.

About the trials

The battery trials were conducted in two parts:

  1. A pilot demonstration of residential and commercial BESS installations at different sites, including the initial site at our EsiTrain facility at Rocklea. We have installed three systems at our EsiTrain centre at Rocklea as part of the first phase of the battery trials. These include Sunverge, Tesla, Reposit and Solar Edge and Redback systems.
  2. A market based trial in conjunction with BESS manufacturers ran for three years. This trial had 15 internal stakeholders in our network distribution area. The trial aimed to evaluate demand response from customer owned BESS during times of peak demand and high solar export.

Purpose of the trials

The two key purposes for the BESS trials included:

  1. To provide insights into how customers configure and use battery systems. The more we can understand this, the better placed we are to enable the connection of BESS to the network, thereby providing our customers with choice in their energy consumption decisions.
  2. To explore the possibility of accessing and remotely controlling BESS at certain peak times – much as we do with hot water and air conditioners now. Done effectively we can reduce expenditure on the network, saving money for our customers and improving the efficiency of our network into the future.

Trial reports

Read the Energex report on the Trial (PDF 5.3 mb), including practical learnings and tips for BESS installers.

Read the CEC Inspections Summary report (PDF 696.3 kb), highlighting learnings from the BESS installations.

Read the Preliminary Findings Report (PDF 5.3 mb) to learn about our BESS trial results.