Electric vehicles

If you're thinking about buying an electric vehicle (EV), or even you already own one, this information may help you understand the benefits and options, make the best purchase decision and select the optimal charging solution for you. You could be part of the transition to a cleaner, quieter driving future.

Motoring world is changing

In 2020 alone, more than 3.2 million new plug-in electric vehicles were registered globally. Therefore, the motoring future for Queensland and Australia is relatively clear.

They're cheaper to run

The running costs of EVs are much lower than for petrol cars. The electricity to charge an EV costs approximately 40% of the cost of petrol for a similar sized vehicle to drive the same distance (ref. https:///www.whichcar.com.au). Plus, the registration and maintenance cost are lower.

Eco friendly

Electric vehicles are simply better for the environment. EVs emit no tailpipe emmissions.

Renewable energy

Electricity from the grid will increasingly come from renewable energy sources like solar and wind. You may even be generating your own renewable energy!

More about electric vehicles

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From the running costs of electric vehicles to their environmental benefits, there are some great advantages.

Charging your EV

There are a few options for charging your electric vehicle. Find out what may best suit your lifestyle.

Driving range

How far can you drive after recharging? Find out which type of electric vehicle could best suit your driving needs.

Register your EV form

Register your EV with us to help us prepare for the future network impacts of EV charging.

Our EV plan

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EV insights

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