Business, commercial and industrial subdivisions

The electrical infrastructure in new commercial subdivisions is designed according to a standard load, unless you specify a higher load.

The Subdivision Standards – Developer Design and Construct Estates (PDF) provides further information about the connection process, including conditions and processes to follow.

Network connection process

1. Engage a consultant

You'll first need to engage an Energex accredited subdivision consultant (PDF). They'll liaise with us to progress your connection enquiry. This includes an assessment of our network to determine if any upgrade works are required to meet your energy needs.

As you’ll need to submit a design with your application, design parameters are included in the Subdivision Standards. These parameters outline what’s needed to ensure your design meets our connection and planning requirements.

Forms and other documents that may be needed during the connection process are on our Technical documents page.

Information about multiple stage developments

If you have multiple (two or more) stages, a Master Plan showing the lots, conduits and high voltage network for the entire development is recommended.

2. Design

Your design drawings must be completed by an Energex accredited designer. Your subdivision consultant will arrange this.

3. Application

Your consultant will apply for connection of the subdivision on your behalf.

There'll be various costs, including an application fee, site inspection charges, commissioning charges and a bond. See our latest price lists on our Connections charges webpage.

We’ll need the following to process your application:

  • Your engagement of an Energex accredited subdivision consultant
  • Your acceptance of the application fee
  • An electronic copy of the proposed subdivision Electrical Reticulation/Street Lighting plan
  • A copy of the local government’s conditions for the development approval.

4. Offer

We'll generally make a connection offer to your consultant within two weeks of receiving your completed application.

To accept our connection offer and enter into a Subdivision Electricity Supply Agreement you must:

  • Return signed copies of the Subdivision Electricity Supply Agreement
  • Pay any relevant fees and
  • Satisfy all other requirements set out in the contract by the due date.

Read more about connection offer terms

If the connection offer is not accepted by the due date (or other date agreed in writing with us), it will automatically lapse.

If you wish to recommence the project at a later date, a new connection application will be required along with the relevant fees for resubmission or application.

5. Construct

Site construction works may only commence once an Energex accredited service provider has been appointed by your consultant and advised to us, and we've issued an Approval to Construct has been issued by us.

6. Connection

After construction, your service provider will notify us to energise the development. The timeframes for energisation are 20 working days for high voltage and 10 working days for low voltage.

7. Audit & acceptance

Following energisation, your service provider will submit a Certificate of Completion package to us. We'll then conduct a final audit. Any defects found during this final audit must be rectified before a Certificate of Acceptance can be issued by us. Once this has been issued and all easements are registered, we can release any bonds we may be holding.