Choosing your electricity retailer

On 1 July 2007, the Queensland electricity and gas markets were opened to competition, meaning that customers are able to choose their own electricity and gas retailers.

We are no longer an electricity retailer, however we remain the electricity distributor to customers in South East Queensland and will continue to provide a safe and reliable supply of electricity to your home and business.

Our role

You should contact us for the following:

  • fallen powerlines (stay well clear and call us immediately on 13 19 62)
  • no power (call our loss of supply line on 13 62 62)
  • to update dog or access details for our meter readers
  • to report a faulty street light
  • to make a tree trimming request
  • to report theft or tampering of supply

Your retailer's role

Your retailer's role is to sell you the electricity that you consume. You should contact your retailer for all enquiries relating to the following:

  • connections
  • disconnections
  • contracts
  • electricity bills
  • electricity prices
  • green energy options

The Queensland Government has some great tips for choosing an electricity retailer.

You can also visit the Australian Energy Regulator website and read their fact sheets and online information to learn what questions you should be asking the electricity retailer when thinking about switching or signing a market contract.

Regulation and licensing

Participants operating in Queensland - including electricity distributors and customers - are governed by a series of regulatory instruments.

These provide coverage of all parties' rights and obligations in a fully competitive environment and include:

  • National Electricity Law and Rules
  • National Energy Retail Law and Rules
  • Electricity Act 1994
  • Electricity Regulation 2006
  • Electricity Distribution Network Code

Visit service agreements for more information.

Supply of electricity

For more information on how electricity is supplied, the quality and reliability of electricity supply that can be expected from an electricity  network, visit the Energy Networks Associations (ENA) website.