Solar PV connection process

Connecting solar power to the Energex network requires the cooperation of several parties. Energex plays two key roles.

  1. To provide you with permission to connect to the network.
  2. To alter the metering at your premises, to allow any generation to be accounted for in your quarterly electricity bill.

For more information about your solar power installation and the Energex metering, refer to our frequently asked questions.

For Embedded Generation connections, an Enquiry must be submitted before the CONNECT application for systems between 3kW and 5kW where power factor will not be 0.9 or higher. Your electrical contractor can complete an Enquiry through the Electrical Partners Portal on your behalf.  Energex will conduct the necessary network investigations and provide an indicative estimate of potential costs and timeframes for you to make an informed decision within 20 Business Days. If your electrical contractor is unable to complete this form on your behalf, you can create the Enquiry through the Customer Portal.

If your embedded generation connection is over 30kW, refer to Establish a connection using Embedded Generator (Over 30kW).

Solar PV connections process (up to 30kW)

1. Submit a Network Connection Application to Energex

Before you commence the installation of solar power at your business or premises, you must gain permission from Energex to connect to the network by making a Network Connection Application. This is to ensure your solar power installation does not adversely impact the Energex network or other customers.

You may not intend to export electricity to the network, however all solar power installations that have the capacity to export, must go through this process.

You can request your electrical contractor or solar installer to complete the Network Connection Application and agree to the terms and conditions of the connection on your behalf or you can create a Network Connection Application through the Customer Portal.

When completing the application for solar power you (or someone on your behalf) can elect to 'expedite' the connection application process by ticking the 'expedite' box on the application form. By electing to 'expedite', you are agreeing to the Model terms and conditions for deemed standard connection contracts. No offer will be sent to you however you will still need to wait for advice from us before proceeding with the solar power installation.

2. Application assessment

Once you have submitted your Network Connection Application, Energex will conduct a network technical assessment to determine the impact of your solar power installation on the network, and the size of the system you may connect.

3. Connection offer

If you elected to expedite on your Network Connection Application:

  • if approved, you will receive advice from Energex via mail or email, depending on what contact method you nominated in your application.
  • if approved, you are deemed to have accepted this Network Connection Contract

Once you have received this advice, you may proceed with your approved solar power installation.

If you elected not to expedite on your Network Connection Application:

  • if approved, you will receive a Network Connection Contract from Energex.
  • once you are satisfied with the terms and conditions of the Network Connection Contract, you can accept either online or by signing and returning the Network Connection Contract to Energex.

4. Commence installation

It is important to note that your solar installer should leave your inverter switched off until the metering change has taken place. This is to ensure your meter does not inaccurately record consumption and therefore impact your electricity bill.

5. Electrician submits EWR

When the electrical work has been completed at your business or premises, the solar installer or electrical contractor must submit an Electrical Work Request (EWR). This is to advise Energex that the work conducted at your business or premises has been carried out in accordance with the required Australian Standards, and to nominate the work Energex now needs to undertake at your premises.

The EWR also acts as your application for the feed-in tariff. You will need to negotiate feed-in tariff options directly with your electricity retailer.

On receipt of the EWR, Energex sends a copy to the electricity retailer nominated on the EWR. You will need to advise your electrical contractor who your electricity retailer is.

6. Retailer requests metering change

Your electricity retailer will send Energex a request to conduct the necessary metering change at your premises. This advice must come from your retailer as the outcome of the metering change will impact your electricity bill.

7. Metering change

Energex or your metering provider will arrange for the installation of your solar metering.

Energex will schedule the metering change at your business or premises, once we confirm the following:

  • A Network Connection Contract exists (see steps 1-3).
  • Receipt of the EWR from the electrician (see step 5).
  • The work request from your nominated electricity retailer (see step 6).

The metering change will then be scheduled to be completed within 10 business days unless an alternative appointment is negotiated or an access appointment is required.

8. Confirm your solar power installation is ready to be turned on

Contact your solar installer to confirm your solar power installation is ready to be turned on. Once your inverter is turned on, your solar power can export electricity to our network. You are obligated to ensure your solar power continues to meet the safety and technical requirements outlined in the Network Connection Contract.

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