Residential connections

Find out how to connect your home to the electricity network, what to do to connect a solar PV system or batteries, and what's required to change or remove your connection.

We're the Distribution Network Service Provider for most of South-East Queensland.

Before you establish a new connection or change your existing connection, check that we are the Distribution Network Service Provider for your area.

New connections

Learn more about connecting your home or business to the electricity network.

Connect solar

Interested in connecting solar power to your home or business? Find out what to do.

Change your existing connection

Read how to move or upgrade your connection when you make changes at your home or business.

Remove your connection

Find out how to remove an electricity connection including the service line, meters and relays.

Connection charges

Our charges for new connections, changing an existing connection and ongoing connections to your premises.

Connection checklists

These handy checklists will assist when making or changing your electricity connections.

Residential subdivisions

Find out about the connection process for residential subdivisions.

Customer Self Service

Submit a connection enquiry or application via Customer Self Service.

Your rights

Read about your rights and our complaints and dispute resolution procedures.

Our responsibilities

Learn what we are responsible for as a distribution network service provider.