Your electricity usage is measured at scheduled intervals by a meter installed on your property, whether you are a residential customer or a business. Each day our staff read more than 40,000 meters at 25,000 homes and businesses across South East Queensland.

In order to do this accurately and in a timely manner, they need to be provided with safe and clear access to your meter. This page will help you to understand your responsibilities and how this works, from informing us of any dogs on the premises to using an Energex Lock on your property.

Reading your meter

Ensuring safe and clear access for Energex meter readers.

How to read your meter

There are several different kinds of electricity meter. This guide shows you how to read them.

Power of Choice for customers

Read how this new digital metering technology will give you more control to manage your electricity usage.

Metering charges

A list of fees and charges for individual metering connections and personalised metering enhancements or changes.

Accessing your metering data

Request up to two years of metering data at your property. Find out how.

Energex locks

Information on Energex locks and a list of Energex approved locksmiths.