Reading your meter

Please provide clear and safe access for our field staff to your meter box and electricity meters.

Sometimes dogs can prevent us from entering a property to read electricity meters. That's why you're advised on your electricity bill of your next scheduled meter read date, so you can securely restrain any dogs on your premises to provide safe access for our meter readers. You may also like to register for SMS and/or email meter-read alerts for dog owners.

Important: We can't enter your premises to read your meter unless we deem it safe to do so. Please read more on our Safe entry to your premises webpage.

Check your electricity bill for details of your next meter read, or contact your electricity retailer.

To ensure we have the latest information about dogs at your property, update your details now. That way, everyone will be happy, including your dog.

Update your dog details on our Customer Self Service Portal

Keeping your dog away from the meter

If you have a dog at your premises, meter readers are advised not to enter the property unless they can confirm it's safe to do so.

When the meter reader visits, they may check that your dog is securely restrained* (see below) or in a separate area away from the meter box. This doesn't mean your dog is dangerous, but meter readers can't take risks when it comes to safety. The meter reader is the only person that can determine if it's safe to access your property.

To ensure your meter is read, if you have a dog please securely restrain* it or keep it away from the meter box when your meter reading is due. Read more on our Safe entry to your premises webpage. Or, you may like to talk to a licensed electrical contractor about relocating your meter box.

It's important to keep your dog details up to date. To tell us about a new dog or to request your dog be reassessed next time the meter reader visits, you can update the details via our Customer Self Service Portal or call us on 13 12 53.

*Definition of securely restrained dog

    To confirm your dog is securely restrained, we must be able to physically sight your dog and confirm it is:

    • placed securely inside the house behind a closed door or other suitable building (e.g. shed); or
    • placed securely in a yard or area completely separated from where our work is needed (i.e. locked behind a fence); or
    • isolated by either a substantial rope or chain secured to an appropriate anchor point on the ground or to a fixed fitting to ensure our safe access to the work area.If you chain your dog please remember you're responsible for ensuring they have appropriate water, shade, and food.

Next scheduled meter reading

Each day, we read more than 40,000 meters at 25,000 homes and businesses across South East Queensland and must take into account weather and other conditions.

Once a meter is read, we determine the date that the next read should occur.

To ensure a successful read at each property, there's a five-day window around this scheduled date during which the read may occur.

In over 97 per cent of cases, your reading will be completed in the first three days of this period.

Useful tips for a successful meter read

  • Check the date on your electricity account and ensure there is clear and safe access to the meter during the scheduled meter reading period.
  • Provide or update your electricity retailer with any access instructions to the meter.
  • Ensure trees and shrubs are cut back (if in front of the electricity meter).
  • Be mindful of latches on gates into your property and ensure they are easy to open.
  • If you'd like to know if the meter reader has visited your property, stick a piece of paper on the meter with instructions "please remove when read" indicating the meter has been read.
  • Remove any private locks on your gate or meter box during the scheduled meter reading period.
  • If you're concerned about security, you can purchase an Energex lock from one of our approved locksmiths. The meter readers will be able to use a master key to open this lock.
  • Keep your dog away from the meter during the scheduled meter reading period.
  • Avoid building gardens, fences or anything else in front of the electricity meter.
  • If you're renovating your home with the help of an electrician, consider whether you can move the meter box to a more accessible location.

No access to meter

If we're unable to access your meter for any reason, we'll need to estimate your electricity usage based on previous data, which might not reflect your changing power usage.

A card will be left in your letter box advising you of the reason for not being able to access the meter. You can submit a self meter read via Customer Self Service or contact us on 13 12 53.

From 1 February 2019 you can ask your electricity retailer to adjust your bill to be based on your self-read.

To update meter access information, contact your electricity retailer and provide current access details.