Submit a self-meter read

We couldn't access your meter

If we can't gain safe and clear access to your electricity meter, a card will be left in your letter box advising you of the reason. We'll need to estimate your power usage based on previous data, but this may not reflect your current power usage.

You can submit your own self-meter read via Customer Self Service. There's a guide on our website for how to read your meter.

From 1 February 2019 you can ask your electricity retailer to adjust your bill to be based on your self-meter read.

To update your meter access information, please contact your electricity retailer and provide current access details.

What you can do to help us

So that we can read your meter easily and safely, we ask that you:

Please call us on 13 12 53 if you'd like more information on our Safe Entry Policy, which has been developed to ensure the safety of our field staff when entering your premises.

Your next scheduled meter reading

Each day, we read more than 40,000 meters at 25,000 homes and businesses across South East Queensland and must take into account weather and other conditions. Once a meter is read, we determine the date that the next read should occur.

To ensure a successful read at each property, there is a five-day window around this scheduled date during which the read may occur.

In over 97 per cent of cases, your reading will be completed in the first three days of this period.