Small business tariffs and prices

The tariff charges presented below represent Energex's small business network charges for 2017-18. Please contact your electricity retailer to find out what your retail electricity charges will be.

For additional information on the 2017-18 network tariffs below please refer to the Energex Annual Pricing Proposal 2017-18.

Please note that the charges below differ from those in the 2017-18 Pricing Proposal following the Queensland Government's direction on 31 May 2017 to take the costs associated with the Solar Bonus Scheme out of the network tariffs.

Demand Large NTC8100UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Demand Charge$ per kVA per month17.477
Usage Flatcents per kWh0.637
Daily Supply Charge$ per day33.128
Demand Small NTC8300UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Demand Charge$ per kVA per month19.979
Usage Flatcents per kWh0.738
Daily Supply Charge$ per day4.435
Business Flat NTC8500UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Usage Flatcents per kWh10.510
Daily Supply Charge$ per day0.639
Business Time-of-use NTC8800UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Off-Peak Usage
(Weekdays 9pm - 7am, Weekends)*
cents per kWh8.276
Peak Usage
(Weekdays 7am - 9pm)*
cents per kWh12.429
Daily Supply Charge$ per day0.639

* Weekdays include government public holidays.

Business Demand NTC7100UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Daily Supply Charge$ per day0.431
Demand Charge
(Peak Charging timeframe 9am-9pm workdays)*
$ per kW per month8.568
Usage Flatcents per kWh5.686

* Workdays are weekdays but exclude government specified public holidays.