Small business tariffs and prices

The tariff charges presented below represent Energex's small business network charges for 2016-17. Please contact your electricity retailer to find out what your retail electricity charges will be.

For additional information on the tariffs below please refer to the Energex Annual Pricing Proposal 2016-17.

Demand Large NTC8100UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Demand Charge$ per kVA per month18.403
Usagecents per kWh1.774
Daily Supply Charge$ per day37.273
Business Low Voltage General Supply (Demand) NTC8300UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Demand Charge$ per kVA per month21.859
Usagecents per kWh2.057
Daily Supply Charge$ per day5.321
Business General Supply NTC8500UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Usagecents per kWh12.485
Daily Supply Charge$ per day0.719
Business General Supply Time-of-use NTC8800UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Off-Peak Usagecents per kWh9.682
Peak Usagecents per kWh14.395
Daily Supply Charge$ per day0.719