Residential charging elements

Network tariffs are made up of charging elements which when combined produce a fee to the customer for the use of the electricity network and the electricity they use. For tariff specific charges please refer to the Energex 2017-18 Network Tariff Guide and the 2017-18 Network Prices (Excel).

Charging Elements

  • Daily Supply Charge - A set daily charge which covers connection to and the use of the electricity network.
  • Demand Charge - Charge calculated as a $/kilowatt (kW) for the monthly maximum (or peak) demand recorded at a point in time at a customer’s connection point, rather than usage measured over a period of time. Demand charge is a new concept for residential customers who elect to take the newly introduced residential demand tariff (NTC7000).
  • Flat Volume Charge - A flat electricity usage charge, calculated in c/kWh at the same price at all times of the day.
  • Time-of-Use Volume Charge - A variable usage charge, calculated in c/kWh with lower rates during off-peak periods and higher rates during peak periods.

Residential Time-of-Use tariff charging timeframes

  • Off-Peak. 10pm - 7am every day
  • Shoulder. 7am - 4pm, 8pm - 10pm weekdays, 7am - 10pm weekends
  • Peak. 4pm - 8pm weekdays

Residential demand charging window

  • Peak. 4pm - 8pm weekdays

For further information refer to the Energex fact sheet, Types of Network Charges.