Residential tariffs and prices

The tariff charges presented below represent Energex's residential network charges for 2017-18. Please contact your electricity retailer to find out what your retail electricity charges will be.

For additional information on the 2017-18 network tariffs below please refer to Energex's Annual Pricing Proposal 2017-18.

Please note that the network charges below differ from those in the 2017-18 Pricing Proposal following the Queensland Government's direction on 31 May 2017 to take the costs associated with the solar bonus scheme out of the network tariffs.

Residential Flat NTC8400UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Usage flatcents per kWh9.267
Daily Supply Charge$ per day0.471
Residential Time-of-Use NTC8900UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Peak Usage
(weekdays 4pm - 8pm)*
cents per kWh16.564
Shoulder Usage
(weekdays 7am - 4pm, 8pm - 10 pm, weekends 7am - 10pm)*
cents per kWh8.659
Off-Peak Usage
(weekdays and weekends 10pm - 7am)*
cents per kWh5.955
Daily Supply Charge$ per day0.471

* Weekdays include government specified public holidays.

Residential Demand NTC7000UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Usage flatcents per kWh3.563
Peak Demand
(Peak charging timeframe: work days 4pm - 8pm)
$ per kW per month7.957
Daily Supply Charge$ per day0.371

* Workdays are weekdays but exclude government specific public holidays.

Controlled Load Super Economy NTC9000*UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Usage - Night Rate 10pm - 7am cents per kWh5.547

* Terms and conditions provided in the Energex 2017-18 Annual Pricing Proposal (Appendix 2)

Controlled Load Economy NTC9100*UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Usage - Controlled Supplycents per kWh7.592

* Terms and conditions provided in the Energex 2017-18 Annual Pricing Proposal (Appendix 2)

Controlled Load Smart Control NTC7300*UnitPrice (Excl GST)
Usage - Controlled Supply (Smart Control)cents per kWh2.914

* Terms and conditions provided in the Energex 2017-18 Annual Pricing Proposal (Appendix 2)

Connection services

As part of a drive for more cost-reflectivity and transparency, the costs of Connection Services provided to customers changed from 1 July 2015 to Alternative Control Services (ACS)

Alternative Control Services are services directly charged to customers and in some cases, they may be contestable. In previous years the costs associated with Connection Services were recovered from the general customer base through Energex's network tariffs. it should be noted that, as a result of Power of Choice taking effect on 1 December 2017, Energex anticipates that amendments to certain ACS services will have to be made to reflect metering service contestability.

The ACS fees for Connection services effective 1 July 2017 are available in the Energex approved network prices 2017-18.

Metering charges

To align with the new National Electricity Rules set by the AER, Energex is working with electricity retailers to implement changes to how customers pay for individual metering connections and personalised metering enhancements or alterations.

In essence the changes mean that rather than the previous process where all tariff/metering and connection costs were shared by all South East Queensland customers; individual tariff/metering costs will now be paid by the individual customer.

There are two main areas which will impact domestic customers:

  1. Metering Service Charge (MSC) from 1 July 2015
  2. Upfront Meter Installation Service Charge from 1 August 2015

More on Metering Charges

New network tariffs

From 1 July 2016, Energex will be offering two new tariffs which encourage customers to consume electricity during periods of low demand and reduce their consumption during the peak period between 4pm and 8pm. These tariffs are known as Residential Demand Network Tariff (NTC7000) and Smart Control Tariff (NTC7300).

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Network tariff schedule

Download a full list of network tariffs approved by the AER.