Current consultations

Network developments, such as establishing and upgrading powerlines, substations and other network infrastructure are vital for the future of electricity supply.

As part of our commitment to gaining permission to build infrastructure, we participate in public notification periods for projects to ensure the community is given every opportunity to provide feedback. This is part of our formal community consultation process.

This page will provide information on our projects currently undergoing the Public Notification period.

Distribution planning and regulatory consultation reports

The National Electricity Rules (the Rules) governs the operation of the National Energy Market. As a Distribution Network Service Provider, we're governed by these Rules. More information about the Rules can be found at the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) website.

We are required by the Rules to:

  • carry out forward planning to identify future network limitations.
  • identify potential network and non-network solutions to address future network limitations.
  • select and develop the most appropriate solution following the regulatory investment test applicable to that project.

Our current reports are available to download below. Information on previous approved projects and emerging limitations can be found in the Distribution Annual Planning Report.

To receive notification when new reports or notices are published, you can register for Network planning updates. By registering for this, you'll receive email notifications about our network projects.

Current consultations

Project name Test Notice Non-network options Draft project assessment Final project assessment Project timing Status
Mount Crosby Substation RIT-D NA 24 Sep 2018 NA 9 Oct 2018 Sep 2020 Final Project Assessment Report to establish new 2x25MVA 33/11kV Mount Crosby East Zone Substation
Palm Beach RIT-D NA 27 May 2019 NA 28 May 2019 Jul 2022 Reports on the proposed works to replace 33/11kV transformers at Palm Beach Zone Substation.
Nudgee Zone Substation RIT-D 26 Sep 2019 NA NA NA Oct 2023 Notice of No Non-Network Options for Nudgee Zone Substation 11kV switchgear reaching end-of-life.
Jimboomba/Beaudesert Request for Proposal NA NA NA NA Apr 2021 Request for Proposal - Invitation to submit non-network solutions to address identified network constraints.