RIT-D Excluded Projects

Regulatory test transitional exclusions

Effective as of 18 July 2017, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has implemented a rule to increase the transparency of network service provider plans to retire, de-rate and replace network assets.

The rule requires us to include network asset retirement and de-rating information in our annual planning reports. It also extends the current regulatory investment test for distribution (RIT-D) frameworks to include network asset replacement expenditure.

From 18 September 2017, replacement capital expenditure incurred after this date must go through the RIT-D process, where the total cost of the most expensive credible option to address the network need is above the cost threshold (currently $5 million for distribution businesses).

To assist in the transition into this new arrangement, the AEMC provided an exemption for network asset replacement projects already committed or that would become committed by 30 January 2018. Projects which meet the criteria are excluded from the need to perform a RIT-D.

In accordance with the new rule, we must publish and maintain a list of excluded projects on our website, until all of these projects have been completed.

Excluded projects

Under the transitional arrangements, the following network asset replacement projects are excluded from the need to perform a RIT-D (refer to clause 11.99.5 of the National Electricity Rules).

Project nameDescriptionScheduled completion date
DBY Deception Bay - Replace 2x33/11kV TransformersReplace the existing 2x33/11kV transformers and install 2x33kV transformer circuit breakers at Deception Bay zone substation.
Construction already commenced.
June 2018
NGE Nudgee - Replace 2x33/11kV Transformers and 33kV Circuit BreakersReplace the existing 2x33/11kV transformers, 33kV circuit breakers and obsolete relays at Nudgee zone substation.

Construction already commenced.
March 2018
SBY Salisbury - Replace 2x33/11kV Transformers and Replace 33kV UG Feeder F597/F598Replace 2x12MVA transformers with 1x15MVA transformer at Salisbury zone substation and replace RLA Rocklea – SBY Salisbury 33kV DCCT feeders F597 and F598, with new 33kV DCCT feeders, with one feeder energised at 11kV.

Construction already commenced.
March 2018
BDL Bundall - Rebuild 33/11kV Zone Substation (Replace 33kV and 11kV Circuit Breakers)Replace the existing 11 kV indoor switchgear with new current standard 11kV indoor switchgear in a new masonry building and replace the existing 6x33kV outdoor circuit breakers with two new 33kV Horizon circuit breakers (at Bundall zone substation).

Construction already commenced.
January 2019
CBW Caboolture West - Replace 3x33/11kV Transformers and Ageing EquipmentReplace the existing 3x10/12.5MVA 33/11kV transformers with 2x15/25MVA 33/11kV transformers, replace identified 6x33kV outdoor circuit breakers in-situ and replace the 33kV isolators at Caboolture West zone substation with the associated remote end works.

Construction already commenced.
March  2019
PBH Palm Beach – Upgrade 33/11kV Zone SubstationReplace the existing 5x33kV outdoor circuit breakers in-situ with current contract items, replace the 11kV outdoor circuit breakers using a 2-bus 11kV switchboard with 16 circuit breakers in a standard pre-fabricated switchgear building, replace the existing control room using a standard pre-fabricated control room and upgrade the substation flood resilience at Palm Beach zone substation and carry out the associated remote end works.

Construction already commenced.
August 2018
TWG Toowong - Replace 2x33/11kV  TransformersReplace 2x33/11kV 20MVA transformers at Toowong zone substation with 2x25MVA transformers recovered from Wellington Road zone substation.

Construction already commenced.
May 2019
HMT Hemmant - Replace 33/11kV Transformer and 7x33kV Circuit BreakersReplace 33/11kV 12.5MVA transformer TR1 with a 15/25MVA transformer and replace 7x33kV circuit breakers at Hemmant zone substation.

Construction already commenced.
November 2018
LDR Labrador - Replace 3x33/11kV Transformers and 33kV & 11kV switchgearReplace the existing 3x33/11kV 12.5MVA transformers, 11kV outdoor switchgear and 5x33kV circuit breakers with 2x25MVA transformers, 3x33kV circuit breakers and a new 11 kV switchboard at Labrador zone substation.

Construction already commenced.
March 2019
QPT Queens Port - BLB Bulimba - Install 2nd 33kV SCCT to replace F575A&BInstall 2nd new 33kV SCCT feeder F3426 between Queens Port zone substation (SSQPT) and Bulimba zone substation (SSBLB) to replace the ageing 33kV feeders F575A&B, replace 3x33kV outdoor circuit breakers at SSBLB and install a 33kV outdoor feeder bay at SSQPT.

Construction already commenced.
February 2019