Helicopter patrols

Each year we patrol around 15,000km of South East Queensland's electricity network from the air - that's equivalent of a trip from Brisbane to Singapore and back.

We use specialised helicopters and pilots to thoroughly check overhead powerlines and poles to ensure the electricity supply across South East Queensland remains safe and reliable.

Why use helicopters?

The helicopters significantly reduce the time taken to inspect an area. They are twice as fast as vehicle patrols and 20 times quicker in mountainous terrain or on private property.

This bird’s-eye view allows us to identify, monitor and repair any wear and tear or potential risks to supply, such as overgrown vegetation or deterioration on the topside of poles.

Protecting you from the noise

We're aware that noise from low flying helicopters can present a risk to pets, livestock or even someone you know. That's why our specialised pilots remain alert for livestock and, where possible, change course to avoid unsettling animals.

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Our flying schedule is dependent on weather conditions, so it can be difficult to provide specific information.

We do maintain a list of registered customers, so if you have livestock or medical concerns and we haven't been in contact within the last 12 months, register below or call us on 13 12 53.

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