SunCoast Power Project is an $106.7million development of a new dual-circuit 132kV power line on the Sunshine Coast between Palmwoods and West Maroochydore.

Approved in April 2011 following a Community Infrastructure Designation (CID) process, the project was planned in support of the increasing demand on current supply capacity in the region, due to a range of residential, business and industrial growth factors.

The project scope has been optimised to meet immediate electricity requirements and consequently we won't be proceeding with the Pacific Paradise leg of the initially proposed upgrade and will reassess its requirement in the future.

Project Status - July 2019

We're seeking a minor amendment to the approved Community Infrastructure Designation between the Bruce Highway and Old Maroochydore Road, Forest Glen.  The Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning has endorsed the next stage of public consultation which will conclude Wednesday 28 August 2019.

For further information regarding the proposed minor amendment or to make a submission, please visit

Project status - March 2019

Despite various challenges the weather has brought the project during the past 12 months, civil construction has progressed well in various sections of the 17km electricity easement. All tower structures have been erected in Palmwoods with helicopter line stringing planned for the 26th March and again on 10th April. Those directly impacted, as well as properties in close proximity to the helicopter's flight path will be contacted directly.

Poles will be used for the remainder of the project between Eudlo and West Maroochydore, and the first of these will be stood in Chevallum in the coming weeks.

We have completed an assessment of environmental impacts and will deliver environmental offsets in accordance with commitments made to the community within the Project Environmental Impact Statement at the time of Project Designation. Presently almost 70% of necessary vegetation removal has been completed with revegetation taking place along watercourse embankments where required to ensure creek bank stability.

The Project Team welcomes enquiries as these important works progress via the contact details provided below.

Project status - December 2017

Since the project relaunched in February 2017, extensive preparatory and design work has been underway, including land survey, flora, fauna and cultural heritage assessments. Energex is committed to ensuring the project exceeds environmental requirements, adhering to strict guidelines such as species management and offset plans (see Community Publications).

Preliminary civil work and vegetation clearing commenced in November 2017 and will continue into early 2018, ahead of the commencement of civil and electrical construction.

We continue to work alongside directly affected landholders and key community stakeholders to ensure the beneficial delivery of this important development, supporting anticipated growth and facilitating jobs in the region.

Project need

We have now reached a point on the southern end of the Sunshine Coast where the existing infrastructure is nearing capacity. The region has a number of major projects coming online, including SunCentral CBD, the airport extension and more than 60,000 additional residents to be living in master-planned estates such as Aura at Caloundra South and Harmony at Palmview, all of which will place additional demand on the network.

This, combined with the region's record electricity load experienced in January 2017, is further driving the need to secure Sunshine Coast's current and near future's power security. As such, the additional infrastructure will allow us to manage that load without risking supply to the region.

Once complete this project will ensure the Sunshine Coast has the power required to support current and future investment and jobs and benefit more than 100,000 Sunshine Coast homes and businesses by increasing network security and providing more power restoration options during interruptions caused by severe weather and other unforeseen events.

Project design

The project consists of approximately 16.8 kilometres of 132,000 volt (132kV) double circuit power line from the existing Palmwoods Substation the recently upgraded West Maroochydore Substation on Jones Road.

Project construction will be on existing designated 40 metre wide easements, running parallel with existing power lines.

Location map

The revised corridor route runs from Palmwoods through Eudlo, Chevallum, Forest Glen and Kunda Park to West Maroochydore.

Click to enlarge image.

Proposed map of the SunCoast powerline project from West Maroochydore to Palmwoods

Project approvals

We obtained Community Infrastructure Designation (see under Community Publications) approval from the State Government for the SunCoast Power Project in April 2011.

In keeping with requirements of the approval process, an Environmental Impact Statement (see under Community Publications) was submitted outlining Project environmental aspects. This included an Environmental Management Plan, which describes the measures to be taken to manage and minimise potential environmental impacts and details of permitting requirements, which are under application through local council.

As with all of our major projects, we'll continue working with directly-affected landholders and other community stakeholders to ensure any impact from this phase of the project is minimised.

Community involvement

In finalising the chosen route, we worked closely with the community, government and independent consultants to plan and investigate the preferred corridor for the SunCoast Power Project, taking into account environmental and community impacts.

A key component of the consultation was the SunCoast Community Reference Panel, which included elected representatives, environment groups, progress and sporting associations. These community representatives acted as a community 'voice' providing feedback during the consultation phase of this project.

As part of the Environmental offset program, we'll continue to restore and maintain the London Creek Offset site. More than 40,000 trees have already been planted at the site, which is one of 19 offset sites we are currently maintaining or have completed.

Contact us

We're committed to keeping directly-impacted community informed and undertaking consultation with these parties as the project progresses.

You're welcome to contact us with any general enquiries about the project:

Phone: 13 12 53


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