Approval and Community Infrastructure Designation

We comply with the environmental assessment and community consultation guidelines governed by the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA). Before announcing a new project, we undertake a number of studies and consultation processes. These include:

  • Identify the need for the new project in order to maintain a reliable electricity supply to consumers (in accordance with the Electricity Act 1994 and National Electricity Code).
  • Identify and assesses all feasible options to produce an Area Selection Report (we refer to this as a Corridor Selection Report - CSR).
  • The CSR identifies a corridor with the lowest overall social, environmental and economic impact.
  • Consult with key government agencies, elected representatives and local councils on the corridor.
  • Consult with other stakeholders, such as directly affected landowners and other special interest groups to revise the preliminary corridor to minimise the overall impact of the proposal.
  • Once we've carried out the above identification, assessment and consultation process, we produce an Initial Assessment Report for the proposed corridor that is formally released to the public for consultation.

The Community Infrastructure Designation Process

The CID Process involves a number of steps to ensure key issues are addressed during project planning and involves producing reports and undertaking consultation with stakeholders and the wider community.

These steps are:

Ministerial Designation

When satisfied with our proposal, the Minister will designate the corridor for the project and approve it for construction.