The SunSouth Project will support the increasing demand for a safe and reliable electricity supply in the southern Sunshine Coast region.

The SunSouth Project involves a multiphase construction approach to meet the residential and commercial development of the area.

Where: Mooloolaba, Palmview, Birtinya, Bells Creek North

Project reference number:

Status: Active

Project need

The Sunshine Coast is one of Queensland's fastest growing regions – each day, new residential and industrial customers place further pressure on the existing electricity network.

The estimated residential population of the Sunshine Coast currently exceeds 320,000 and is expected to continue to grow at around 3.4 per cent per annum – this is largely due to the increase in residential and commercial properties.

In addition to the growing population, enhanced lifestyle choices that have increased use of energy-hungry devices, including air conditioners and plasma televisions, is increasing the pressure on the existing electrical distribution network.

Energex's strategic planning assessment indicates that elements of the network will overload and risk the loss of supply to customers if this increased demand is not addressed.

Currently, the southern Sunshine Coast region is supplied by a single-circuit 132kV powerline running south from the existing 132/11kV Mooloolaba Substation, just north of the Sunshine Motorway near Dixon Road to the Caloundra Substation at Bowman Road.

The project maximises the utility of an existing powerline easement and reduces or avoids environmental impacts.The proposal is also consistent with the future developments for the Palmview Structure Plan area, the Meridan Plains Extractive Resource Area Masterplan, the Kawana Waters Development Control Plan and the proposal for the Caloundra South Master Planning Area.

Project design

The project includes around 21.5 kilometres of high voltage 132,000 volt (132kV) double circuit powerline from the existing Mooloolaba Substation, via a new Meridian East switching station to a new substation at Bells Creek North.

The project also includes new substations at Palmview and Birtinya with separate new 132kV powerlines connecting the new substations, timed to meet predicted demand. In addition, an easement will be secured for a future double-circuit powerline south from the proposed Bells Creek Substation to the northern extent of the Caloundra South Master Planning area.

The SunSouth Power Project will comprise of a combination of new and existing 40 metre wide easements, with narrower easements located partly in road reserves, marginally overlapping into adjacent properties.

Location map

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Map showing the SunSouth project from Birtinya Substation, Palmview Subsation, Bells Creek North Substation


Required completion date¹Details
May 2019
  • Establish the Bells Creek North Substation.
  • Complete a new 5.9 kilometre double-circuit 132kV powerline between the future Meridan Plains East Substation and the Bells Creek North Substation. This powerline will initially operate as a single-circuit line until demand increases, at which time it will operate as a double-circuit line.
April 2015
  • Establish the Birtinya Substation
  • Replace the existing single-circuit 132kV powerline with a 6.2 kilometre long double-circuit 132kV powerline from the existing Mooloolaba Substation to the future Meridan Plains East Substation (on the same or adjacent alignment).
October 2019
  • Complete a 4.3 kilometre powerline between the future Meridan Plains East Substation and the Birtinya Substation. This will involve the duplication of part of an existing single-circuit powerline for 2.0 kilometres (on the same or adjacent alignment), and construction of a new single-circuit powerline for 2.3 kilometres.
Beyond 2020 (Pending Palmview development schedule)
  • Establish the Palmview Substation.
  • Complete a new 2.1 kilometre long double-circuit powerline between the future Meridan Plains East Substation and the Palmview Substation.
Beyond 2020
  • Establish the Meridan Plains East Substation following the initial construction of the established switching station.
  • Establish a 3 km, double-circuit, 132kV powerline from the bells Creek North Substation to the southern end of Lot 504 RP 884348 (the northern extent of the Urban Development Land Authority (ULDA) Caloundra South Master Planning Area).

¹Please note: Proposed timeframes are subject to change.

Project approvals

As part of its project approval and assessment process Energex has produced numerous reports all of which have previously been made available to the public. These are available on request.

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