5 questions on planned outages

You let us know you had questions around the planned maintenance of our network.  To meet your needs and expectations, we want to share with you why we carry out this work.

To find out if there is a planned maintenance outage for your area, visit Planned maintenance outages.

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1. Why do we undertake planned maintenance?

We plan regular servicing of our network to ensure it is safe and reliable.

2. Why do we notify you of work?

We understand power outages may cause inconvenience and we want to give you time to prepare.We notify you a minimum of four business days prior to the date of the outage.

3. Why do we turn power off?

Working with live power is dangerous and we want to keep our community and staff safe. It also reduces the time needed to work on the network.

4. Why is the outage the length it is?

We aim to limit the maximum duration for a planned maintenance outage to eight hours. We want to lessen impact on customers as much as possible, and so may complete multiple jobs within the outage. This reduces the need for us to come back to your community to complete further works.

5. Why do we cancel?

We strive to put customers first. We may have to cancel due to unexpected events, such as severe weather and network emergencies. We are not always able to notify you if this work is cancelled, so to check whether the planned outage has been cancelled, please check for your suburb at Planned maintenance outages.