Safety is the number one priority at Energex and staying safe is all about having the right information.

We are 100% committed to working with and alongside our customers to not only keep them informed at all times but to make sure our staff, families, and friends stay safe.

Emergency outages

Find out where power has gone out unexpectedly and when you can expect it to be restored.

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Our safety commitment

Read more on our safety commitment to the community.

Our safety resources

Your one-stop-shop to safety information and tools.

Safety at home

It’s easy to make using electricity in your home safe. Let us show you.

Safety at work

Being safe around electricity at work is just as important as at home.

Kids safety

We're bringing Safety Heroes to all primary schools in South East Queensland.

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Safety around the network

Living and working safely around electricity, wherever you are.

Look up and live 360°

Put yourself in the scene. How long will it take you to spot the danger?

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Seasonal safety

Rain or shine, Summer or Winter, we’ll help you to stay safe.