School education program

Safety Heroes primary school education program

Safety Heroes is an educational program delivered by Energex and Ergon Energy that helps teach primary school students about electricity and how to behave safely around electrical equipment.

To help teachers in delivering these important safety messages, we have designed interactive teaching resources that align with the P-6 Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education and the Year 6 Australian Curriculum for Science.

This year, the Safety Heroes program was held in primary schools across Queensland during Electricity Safety Week 6 to 10 September 2021.

Get involved in Electricity Safety Week 2021!

Our Safety Heroes program was held during Electricity Safety Week - 6 - 10 September 2021.  To find out about next year's program or to ask a question, please email or call 07 3910 1052 the Safety Heroes team.

Electricity Safety Week resources - Prep to Year 6 students

Explore our P-6 resources ahead of Electricity Safety Week:

Electricity & Safety Unit for Year 6 students

Year 6 teachers can also access our free Electricity & Safety Unit, which is aligned to meet outcomes in the Year 6 Australian Curriculum for Science. The resources include a lesson book and four complementary interactive whiteboard lessons with embedded interactive class activities, virtual experiments, videos and teacher notes.

Explore the Year 6 Electricity & Safety Unit below:

Get in touch with the Safety Heroes team

If you would like to ask a question, please email or call 07 3910 1052 to contact the Safety Heroes team.