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Below are our latest 'Take care, stay line aware' community safety advertisements. We're not just on the TV, you'll also see us online and hear us on the radio.

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The 'Take care, stay line aware' story

We spend a lot of our lives looking at lines. They guide us, they give us direction. They tell us where to stand or what to say. We’re trained to see them everywhere. So how do we miss the lines that matter most?

The ‘Take care, stay line aware’ campaign takes a look at some of the lines that we interact with every day and reminds us not to forget about the lines that matter most, the powerlines. We need Queenslanders to realise that there's no line more important than a powerline.

So remember to ‘Take care, stay line aware’ and look out for powerlines and call triple zero (000) or our emergency number 13 19 62 if lines are down.

Stay within the lines, baby.

Watch the line, watch the line!

Looook! Two Lines!!


Please stay behind the yellow line.

We spend our lives looking at lines…

Don’t miss the ones that matter most.

Take care. Stay line aware.

Take care, stay line aware during storms

There are lines that help with the everyday things...

while others can quickly turn into something more dangerous.

When storms hit, look out for fallen powerlines.

Take care. Stay line aware.

Call triple zero or Energex if lines are down.