Safety around the network

Our network spans more than 25,000 square kilometres across South East Queensland, with over 35,000 kilometres of overhead powerlines, almost 17,000 kilometres of underground power cables, 48,000 transformers and more than 661,000 power poles.

There are many complex components designed to work together to safely deliver reliable power to your home and business community, some of these are:

  • overhead powerlines and underground power cables
  • pillar boxes
  • substations (bulk supply, zone and distribution)
  • transformers

All of these have associated risks and the impacts on families and the community resulting from safety incidents involving electricity have the potential to be devastating.

Our community messages

Electricity is part of our everyday lives. Our safety messages encourage you to stop and think about unsafe actions.

Assessing the risk

Accidental contact with live electrical equipment can happen for a number of reasons. Always assess the risk.

Safety Advice

If you are working close to powerlines and could breach the exclusion zone (3 meters, 6 meters or 8 meters), you will need to complete a Safety Advice Request Form.

Powerline safety planning tool

Our Powerline Safety Planning Tool can help you plan work near powerlines.

Safetree plants

Read our guide to native shrubs and small trees that are suitable for planting under powerlines in South East Queensland.

Fire and powerlines

What to do if a fire is burning underneath or near powerlines.