Safety at home or work

Because electricity powers so much of the world around you, you might sometimes forget how dangerous it can be. Don’t take your safety for granted. 'Take care, stay line aware' and use these simple tips to keep you and your family safe, around your home and at work.

Download our Electricity safety guide (PDF 2.2 mb) for a handy, printable electrical safety reference.

Safe entry to your premises

We may need to enter your premises to maintain our network. There are a few steps you can take so we can do our job safely.

Safety switches and electrical equipment

Find out about safety switches, maintaining your electrical equipment and how to use appliances safely.

Shocks and tingles

If you touch something that gives you an electric shock or a tingle, the next thing you touch should be your phone - call us immediately on 13 19 62.

Christmas and party lighting

Put safety first when you put up Christmas and party lighting at your home or business.

Solar power and battery storage safety

Find out more about solar power system safety before, during and after a severe weather event.

Electrical generator safety

A portable generator can help life get back to normal. Use the following safety advice to help you avoid dangerous situations.

Trees and powerlines

Always plant smart near powerlines. Do this by choosing the right trees, planting them safely and maintaining all trees on your property.

Property poles and privately owned powerlines

A property pole is an electricity pole inside your property’s boundary. Find out more about maintaining private property poles.