Powerline markers

If you own property with overhead powerlines where machinery or low level flying operations are regularly used, you should attach powerline markers. This improves visibility and reduces the risk of accidental contact.

Find more information in our powerline marker flyer (PDF 1.8 mb).

Aircraft warning markers

You are responsible for installing powerline markers where regular low-level flying operations take place on your property. To arrange for markers to be installed, complete our Safety Advice Form.

Aerial markers should only be installed, maintained or removed by us.

Choose marker colours that are highly visible and contrast with background colours. Different colours can be used for different directions and backgrounds (e.g. white and orange alternated).

As the person requesting planned low-level flying activities, requesting markers is your responsibility under AS 3891– 2008 Air navigation - Cables and their supporting structures - Marking and safety requirements. The pilot or pilot’s delegate will need to be satisfied by these markers before starting low-level operations.