Water and electricity not a safe combination: Energex

Water and electricity not a safe combination: Energex

25 January 2013

Severe weather forecast over the coming few days could result in power interruptions and increased electrical safety risks, Energex warned today.

The Weather Bureau is forecasting that ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald could deliver heavy localised rainfall and strong, gusting winds in parts of South East Queensland.

Energex has crews on standby throughout the region to respond to any power interruptions caused by the weather such as tree branches being blown onto powerlines or water inundating underground network areas.

Energex’s Mike Swanston said one of the issues about power restoration in these conditions was localised flooding delaying crews accessing affected areas to carry out repairs.

Mike said home owners in known flooding areas should prepare themselves, including having an emergency kit which includes a torch with fresh batteries and a radio to monitor weather and power restoration information.

With heavy localised rain forecast, Mike also said it was possible that home gutters would not be able to cope and may result in water getting into electricity supplies.

“Obviously electricity and water are not a safe combination, so in these circumstances the safest approach is to ensure power supplies are disconnected and if equipment does get affected by water the best option is to get it checked by an authorised electrician or simply throw it away,” he said.

Mike said that if conditions allowed, there may be time to clear out gutters before severe weather arrived. He said it was also advisable for home and business owners to take a look around their properties and tidy up any loose items such as outdoor furniture which could become dangerous missiles during high winds.

If power interruptions do occur in the coming days, Energex crews will work to restore power as quickly and safely as possible and asks South East Queenslanders to remain patient while crews take a safety-first approach.  

If members of the public see any powerlines brought down or damaged they are urged to call the Energex’s priority number on 13 19 62 and stay clear.

Additional information regarding flooding and electrical equipment and severe weather is available at energex.com.au

For media enquiries: Office Hours (07) 3664 4420 or After Hours (07) 3664 5191

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