Residential & business


Connecting to the Energex Electricity Network

To understand what you need to do to make a new connection or alter an existing to our network.

Woman talking on the phone

Choosing your electricity retailer

We explain the role of your electricity retailer and provide information to help you choose.

Solar panels

Solar power

We provide information and forms for you to connect to greener energy.

Switching off powerpoint

Save money and electricity

Do you want to save? Here are some options for you to pick from.

Positive payback wording with a clock

Positive Payback

Earn great rewards for households and businesses, including Positive Payback information for retailers and tradespeople.

ENERGEX worker reading home electricity meter

Reading your meter

Helpful hints to ensure your next meter reading runs smoothly.

Pile of folders

Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure

Energex has developed the Standard Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure to explain how we will manage complaints and disputes.

Property pole located on a premises

Private power poles

Learn more about the power poles on your property and how to maintain them.

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