Positive Payback for Households

Clock showing the peak times of 4pm to 8pm

Between 4pm and 8pm energy-hungry appliances such as air-conditioners and pool pumps are switched on at the same time as other everyday appliances. This creates daily peak demand.

Network peak demand occurs only a few times a year, usually when we experience a few days of extreme temperatures. Our electricity infrastructure is designed to cope with the peaks and we can continue to upgrade the system to manage growing demand. But this is an inefficient approach as the extra capacity is only used a fraction of the time.

To help reduce future electricity costs and do what's right for the environment, we run a demand management program focussing on sustainable solutions to use our resources more efficiently.

What is Positive Payback?

Positive Payback is one of the demand management solutions we have developed to help manage peak demand.

Positive Payback rewards households and businesses who connect energy hungry appliances to economy tariffs or install technologies that reduce energy during peak periods.

Current programs

Information for Retailers and Tradespeople

Energex works with a number of industry partners to deliver Positive Payback. The industry hub contains up to date information for retailers and tradespeople on air-conditioning, pool and hot water offers.

Our previous demand management programs

We have been developing initiatives to reduce peak demand since 2008. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Cool change
  • Energy Conservation Communities (ECC)
  • Holiday Apartment Program

Learn more about our previous initiatives.

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