Pool Rewards

Pool ScoopPool pumps are among the most energy-hungry appliances a home   can have, costing on average $640* annually to run. Reduce your pool running costs by connecting to an economy tariff and swapping to an efficient pump.

Connect to Economy Tariff 33 - $250 reward

Claim a $250 reward for connecting your pool pump to Economy Tariff 33.

  1. Contact a licenced electrician for a quote and to arrange connection of your pool pump to Economy Tariff 33.
  2. Once the work is completed the electrician will submit an Electrical Work Request (EWR) to Energex.
  3. Contact your electricity retailer and let them know you have connected to Economy Tariff 33. Your electricity retailer will then submit a Business to Business (B2B) request to Energex.
  4. You are now ready to claim your reward. 

Please be aware that your reward application cannot be processed until Energex has received the applicable forms from your electrician and your electricity retailer.

Calculate your potential savings for connecting to Economy Tariff 33.

Energy Efficient Pool Pump - $150 reward

Claim a $150 reward for changing to a 5+ star energy efficient pump or aftermarket 'energy saver' (Epic PP22 Pool Pump Energy Saver and the FutureWave SPR 2200).

Talk to your local pool shop today about the benefits and select from a large range of 5+ star energy efficient pool pumps.

  1. Once you have purchased your pump, contact a qualified pool professional to arrange connection.
  2. You are now ready to claim your reward. 

Work out your current pool pump running costs and potential savings.

Apply for your reward

To claim your pool reward you will need the following information on hand:

  • Your bank account details (BSB and Account number). All rewards are paid by EFT.
  • A copy of your Energy Efficient Pool Pump receipt (if applicable).

Please note that the pool reward program applies to residential premises only with only one pool reward payable.

You are now ready to login to our Customer Portal and apply for your reward. 

If connecting to an Economy Tariff:

> Login & apply now

If installing an Energy Efficient Pool Pump:

> Login & apply now

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