Save money and electricity

Take charge of your power and start saving today. There are plenty of simple ways you can start saving energy at home. 

Our handy checklists and calculators can give you the hints you need to start saving and help you make sure your energy bill is the lowest it can be.

Hand holding an air-conditioning remoteAir-conditioners

Many Queenslanders use their air conditioner during daily peak demand times (around 4-8pm) in summer increasing stress on the electricity network. Follow our tips to save energy when using your air-conditioner and learn how to manage your home energy use during peak demand times.

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House on calcultorEconomy tariffs

You can save money on a range of appliances by connecting them to an economy tariff. Energex offers rewards for connecting your pool pump or hot water system to an economy tariff. Appliances like these don't need to be on all day, so they are ideal for economy tariffs – where the electricity is available during particular hours, at a significant discount.

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A lady putting washing into a washing machineElectrical appliances

For many electrical appliances, the ongoing energy costs may be greater than the purchase price. Choosing energy efficient appliances and reducing standby energy use, will save you money in the long run

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Hot water tap

Hot water

There are many simple steps you can take to save energy and money with your hot water system and still enjoy the comforts of hot water at home.

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Light bulbLighting

Household lighting accounts for about 8% of our energy costs in Queensland homes. You can reduce your lighting energy costs by more than 80% just by choosing more efficient lighting options.

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Backyard swimming poolPools

Swimming pool pumps, chlorinators and heaters are among the most energy-hungry appliances in a home. Read our tips on how to make your pool operate efficiently, and save on running costs.

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